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National traditions which run like a thread through famous works of Anton Chekhov are brightly reflected in the menu and interior design of Chekhoff Café & Bar. His natural wit, paradoxical thinking and laconic manner inspired us to add a local touch into the ambience of the restaurant.

In the childhood, Anton Chekhov assisted his father in their family grocery shop: Arabian coffee, Provençal oil, cheese and sugar… Long after he would say “One who doesn’t attach importance to meals cannot be regarded as an intelligent person’ and prove that in his works. 

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From 07:00 till 23:00
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Checkoff Hotel Moscow bar card was created with the participation of Vasiliy Zheglov, famous chef-bartender, and it reflects the gustatory tastes of the most ironical Russian writer who was a famous gourmet and hedonist. Champaign, cherry liquor, the taste of Abkhaz lemons in cocktails refer to numerous works of the Russian writer. 

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Around the clock
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